Authentic Thai Cuisine
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Thai Amarin Restaurant

Enjoy Thai Food in a relaxed setting Indoor or Outdoor at Green Square, Kingston.

Thai Amarin continues to serve authentic traditional thai food in a warm and attentive environment.

The menu at Thai Amarin restaurant has been well selected according to Popularity and Guest demands.

With commitment to superior fresh Thai herbs and Spices, Premium local produces

And recipes that are past down by inspiring Thai Chefs,  we endeavour to source dishes from all regions of Thailand and beyond.

Thai Amarin has a secret of balancing the four “S”  flavours of Thai cooking  :

Sweet,  Salty, Sour and Spicy.

This is well known through our most famous “Tom Yum” and “Larb” dishes.

Share a plate or two with friends and family served in a relaxed atmosphere complete with Soothing Thai music

So your dining  experience  involves the pleasure of all your senses!

From Salads to Curries to Grills,

we cater  for all dietary requirements  including Vegetarians and Gluten-Free .

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Best Thai I've had! Had the money bags, quail and the crying tiger and coconut rice! Super fresh and super tasty. Good quality and perfect quantity. Service was excellent and fast delivery! Will be going back again and again!

Review by Emma


This place is a long time favourite of mine, but a recent mid week dinner experience sealed the deal. We had a great night there - the staff were attentive but didn't hassle us at all. And the food is incredible! The staff were also very understanding about substitutions for some of the meals in the banquet which was really helpful. And the wine list has great options that aren't overpriced - and as a result, four people had a banquet and a nice bottle of wine for $150 total. Winner!

Review by Annie Belle

Crying Tiger, Exotic Sauce


Thai Amarin restaurant is one of those hidden gems in the Canberra restaurant scene. An institution in Kingston for over twenty years, Thai Amarin brings a relaxed and calming atmosphere to the dining experience combined with an eclectic and discerning approach to the Thai culinary experience, unmatched by any other Asian restaurant in Canberra.

Special dishes to ask for include: Pla Lard Prig (whole fish with chef's special chilli sauce) and Crying Tiger (a personal favourite). For desert ask for the steamed fresh coconut with glutinous rice.

Review by Timothy DeWan